Contract Negotiation – Terms and Conditions

At its core, contract negotiation comes down to one thing: reaching an agreement. It’s a give-and-take process that, in the end, leaves both parties feeling like they’ve won. Negotiation revolves around compromise, and your Realtor® is a pro at knowing which concessions to make and which to ask for.

There are two sides to each negotiation: business and legal.

Selling your home is a business transaction, and you and the buyer may have different ideas about what it’s worth. You probably also have different ideas about what you’re willing to do to make the deal work.

That’s good, because there’s room for both of you to walk away happy, signed contracts in hand.

There’s the legal side, too, which makes it all official. Once you’ve reached terms that everyone agrees with, you’ll put it all on paper and create a legally binding contract.

Contract Negotiation: Terms and Conditions

Your contract will include terms and conditions of the agreement, and when you sign it, you’re obligated to abide by them—and so is the buyer.

The terms and conditions may stipulate that you must make repairs, come down on the price, or complete other actions in order for the buyer to pay you for your home. Remember, once you sign it, it becomes a legally binding contract. It will most likely hold up in court, which holds both you and the buyer accountable.

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