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Real Estate Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania offers decent opportunities for real estate investors. Economic and employment growth, affordable entry prices of homes as well as leisure options make it one of top investment destination for investors.


Affordable entry prices of homes

While rent prices go higher, entry prices of homes in Pennsylvania stay affordable

Education hub

Hosting top universities and colleges such as University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania State University etc. 

Tammy Harrison

Before Investment
You Must Know

Pennsylvania is a state where investing your time and money in buying single-family homes is well worth it, if you take into consideration key aspects of the area's economy, population, rental demand, and prices.

Job growth

Over the past 6 years, Pennsylvania has experienced a 7.8% growth in average annual jobs. 

Growing rent prices

Over the past three years, the median gross rent in Pennsylvania has grown by 5.76%. 

Property Appreciation

Property appreciation rates are one of the first elements that tell you if the city has a secure, stable real estate investment.


Tammy Harrison

Most Important
Part Investment

  • Property Appreciation Rate
  • Population Growth
  • Property Taxes
  • Price to rent ratio
  • Median Population Age
  • Employment Industry Diversity
  • Income Levels
  • Number of New Jobs Created
  • School Ratings

Tammy Harrison

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Before purchasing investment property in Pennsylvania, it’s important to team up with a local real estate agent. Agents understand the local market trends and can help you make smart, savvy investment decisions. They can also help you find the perfect rental property that matches your budget and criteria.

Whether you’re looking to break into the market or scale your real estate portfolio, get in touch with Tammy Harrison to get started.

Tammy Harrison

Investment Tips & Tricks

Here are Some Investment Tips for Real Estate Investors.

Start Investing Early

Invest For The Long Term

Keep An Eye On Value.

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