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About The Webinar

Due to the evolution of real estate since 2020 we have switched to an online Zoom class.

Buying a home will most likely be the biggest financial investment you'll make in your entire life.

Did you know that majority of people make at least 1 of 5 big mistakes when buying their first home? These mistakes could cost a new home buyer up to $50,000.

It's a lot of money, and there's no "undo" button after making the mistakes. It's very unfortunate - however, you can prevent these mistakes right from the start.

During this online webinar, we will be going over exactly what the 5 big mistakes are. Tammy wants to help Home Buyers like yourself save thousands of dollars.

She bets you'd rather put it towards something else - such as a new car, child's future, side hustle start up, vacation, renovations, or whatever you like!

Don't make the mistakes, attend the FREE online webinar!

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Giving Home Key To Owner

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About Tammy Harrison

Any realtor can buy or sell a home for you, but only an experienced Main Line real estate professional can streamline the entire process, eliminate your stress, and deliver the results you need. Tammy Harrison is that professional. She isn't like other agents, she puts your needs and concerns at the forefront of her mind and strives to treat each and every client as if they were her only one. Continue reading to learn more about how Tammy serves her clients, and what they have to say about the way she does business.


Selling your first home!

Don't make the 5 mistakes when selling your first home - join us at the live webinar

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