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Rent To Own

You'll pay rent during your lease period, and a portion of that rent money typically goes toward your down payment once you decide to buy the home.


Low Credit Score

A good option for those with low credit scores, because it gives you time to work toward improving your score before you need to apply for a mortgage.


It’s a home buying method that allows a renter to save up for a downpayment and eventually own the home that they rent. Over time, the down payment grows.

Tammy Harrison

Rent To Own
Must Know

Rent-to-own agreements allow potential buyers to save for a down payment while renting the home they eventually plan to buy.

Consult Lawyer

Speak to a lawyer and have them review all contracts before signing. Research the person or company offering the rent-to-own agreement to understand who you’re doing business with fully. be prepared to hold up your end of the agreement to ensure a smooth and satisfactory

No Credit Score

renting-to-own can help you build up a low credit score. Instead of putting off a home purchase while repairing your credit, you can move into your future home and work towards saving a down payment while simultaneously building credit.

Know your Agreement

An agreement between a tenant and landlord, where the tenant pays a set rent to their landlord, with a portion set aside for the purposes of building a down payment. The down payment grows and, eventually, the tenant is able to purchase the home outright off their landlord. 

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Must Know About
Rent To Own

If you’re thinking of entering into a rent-to-own agreement, be sure to have your lawyer look over the contract to help you understand each of the requirements in the agreement.


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Book Your Rent To Own

If you’re struggling to obtain a mortgage, rent-to-own might be a good way for you to purchase a home eventually. However, it’s crucial to enter into a solid agreement where both parties are legally protected and understand the stipulations and requirements of the contract.

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Homes Of Hernando Rent To Own Tips & Tricks

Here are Tips for Rent to Own Property:

  • Have your lawyer look over the contract.
  • Only consider when you don't have down-Payment.
  • Must consider when you low credit score.
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