The Top 4 Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Agent

Think you might save a little money, skip working with a real estate agent, and sell your home on your own? While you might save money on commission fees, odds are, it won’t be worth it compared to how much you could lose on the sale.

Aside from the profits, there are tons of other reasons why working with a real estate agent is the better way to go. If you’re gearing up to list your home, here are the top four ways that you’ll benefit from working with a skilled agent.

Maximize Your Marketing

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Selling a home is all about getting the right buyers through the door. If you list on your own, your marketing resources are limited, so it’s a lot harder to spread the word. But when you list with an agent like me, you can benefit from a fully equipped marketing arsenal.

Social media platforms, online databases, print media, local contacts, websites, blog posts—I’ll use my resources to ensure that every buyer in the area and beyond knows about your home (and that it looks its best in the photos).

Breeze through Negotiations

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Once you have a serious offer on the table, it’s time for negotiations. A buyer and their agent will be trying their best to get the best deal possible for their interests—meaning a lower price for your home. This is when it’s invaluable to have an expert advocating for you.

Dealing with multiple offers? Need to negotiate a few repairs that came up during the inspection? Have some contingencies for the sale? A good agent will make sure all of the details are ironed out, as much in your favor as possible—not to mention deal with the confusing legal requirements of selling a home.

Save Time & Money

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Maybe you think that going the For Sale by Owner route will save you a decent amount of money on agent fees. While it is true that you won’t have to pay commission (for a seller’s agent, anyway), you’ll also likely end up making much less on your sale—and waiting longer for an offer.

In fact, according to a study from the National Association of Realtors, homes that sold FSBO typically spent 20 more days on the market. Additionally, the median price for FSBO homes was over $50,000 less than homes sold by an agent.

Get Answers to Your Questions

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Aside from the logistics—like pricing, marketing, and negotiating—the selling process can just be confusing in general. It’s invaluable to have someone by your side, someone who knows the ins and outs of the process, someone who’s working in your best interests.

Take some time to learn more about what I bring to the table, and browse a few of my helpful resources for sellers, from staging tips to selling timelines. Not only can I help you sell your home faster, but I’ll also make sure it looks its best—so you get the best price possible!

Ready to List Your Home?

Selling a home can be a tough process to navigate, but you don’t have to do it all alone. Instead, enlist the help of a skilled agent, and enjoy a seamless and stress-free selling process.

If you’re ready to put your home on the market, then give me a call and let’s get started!

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