4 Outdoor Improvements to Boost the Value of Your Main Line Home

Selling your home isn’t always easy—and if you’ve lived there for a while, it’s easy to forget about that long list of to-dos that have to get done before you list! Feeling a little overwhelmed? Here are four outdoor improvements that will help attract buyers.

Outdoor Improvements That Are Worth the Investment:

Revitalize Your Deck or Patio

Cleaning your deck, and other outdoor improvements

If you have a deck or patio outside your home, consider how long it’s been since you last gave it some attention. Odds are, it could use a little touch-up, such as fresh paint or stain. 

It might not look like anything’s wrong with your outdoor space at first, but the elements can take a toll on your deck or patio. Luckily, a new coat of paint or stain can go a long way with a buyer—and if you have the time, you should definitely sand off any debris or damage before you start.

Clear Your Gutters

Dirty gutters

Are your gutters clean? It’s a hassle, but cleaning your gutters makes your home appear well-maintained—and it can also prevent future maintenance issues. Buyers might not be able to point out clean gutters, but down the line, a home inspector probably will.

If your gutters are aged, it’s worth looking into replacing them. While this is an expensive task, it’s well worth the money you’ll get when your house sales—in fact, you can get up to an 83% return on investment!

Scrub Your Siding

Siding on a house

While you’re cleaning and doing general maintenance to the outside of your home, consider getting your house soft washed—believe it or not, the amount of bleach used in pressure washing can actually damage your siding.

It’s often more expensive to repaint your entire house, so focusing on cleaning can be a much more cost-effective approach. However, if you still notice a few dingy spots after you’re done, there’s no harm in touching up a few spots with paint.

Don’t Forget Shutters & Windows

Window and landscaping

When was the last time you painted your shutters or cleaned the outside of your windows? A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference, and you can even choose a color that really complements your home.

Not sure what to pick? If you’re selling soon, you can’t go wrong with neutral tones, like black or brown. However, you can also mix it up with more muted tones, such as sage green or light blue.

Need Some More Help?

If you’re selling your home on the Main Line, I’m excited to work with you and offer up my expertise! Need more help? Give me a call for more resources, ideas, and tips!

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